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I haven’t made my best photo yet…inspite being in this field of wildlife photography for past 6-7 years. Every-time I go on the field, my main aim is to document the nature in its best form and present it to you all in its full glory.

I often see sulking faces after safaris, if a tiger or a leopard is not spotted…So What ? For me Jungles are a way of relaxation and rejuvenation… Tigers and Leopards are a part of the ecosystem. And they contribute to only 2% of the entire setting you enter into.

There are so many things to see, explore, experience, and feel…if you stand 5 minutes in your vehicle, eyes closed, engines off…and just listen to the forests, you will come across a dialogue happening between your senses and the nature around you .

I always do this activity with my co-passengers. A thought always creeps my mind…

What if I am the only human in this vast forest ? Will I be spared ? We are such a minuscule dust particles in this universe… The earth started from forests…we are destroying them…encroaching on them…and owning them…


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