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Birds of India

Photographing birds is tedious ! I remember going behind one specie almost a  two dozen times to master the frame. I have an advantage. I will accept it, that I use one of fastest frames per seconds (30) when capturing birds. This allows me to freeze them in their flights or take-offs. However achieving focus on them, specially the smaller species (tits, warblers, finches etc), is very difficult.

Earlier I used to stay away from birds, knowing they were difficult subjects to capture. However I took that leap into bird photography making the best decision of life. Learning about birds, their characteristics, migration pattern, different plumages, variety in distribution is very interesting.

All the photos in this gallery are shot using Sony alpha a9ii or a1 along with 400mm f2.8 with or  without a 2x tele-converter.

I have shot these birds in and around Pune city, and locations like Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Sattal-Chopta, Ganeshgudi etc. Enjoy !

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