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Tigers of India

Though I love capturing Tigers, I am not crazy for them ! I am fortunate enough to be born in India and have easy access to these beautiful beasts. Every move they make oozes charisma, power and royalty. When shooting tigers, I generally aim on drama, action or some of their signature movements.

A swish of tail when soaking water, a lengthy yawn, flehmen response, or a paw lick is what I generally wait for. If a tiger is walking, I wait for the perfect alignment of the head and the body with the tail making an arc behind the body !

Photographing tigers is very easy, but creating a moment with the tiger is very tricky. their eyes speak so much, that is what my eyes always hunt for.

All these photos are shot with Sony alpha a9ii and 400mm f2.8 lens combination. These tigers are from Kanha, Pench, Tadoba and Bandhavgarh. Have a nice time seeing the images !

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