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What I Offer to my Students

COnstant Focus on YOUR growth
one on one attention
recording of every session
Lots of Examples to teach on
Ample Practice scenarios
Live sessions and doubt solving

Image Post-Processing Workshops

Basic Editing Workshop
Rs. 3500/-
Workshop Curriculum
Introduction to tones, colours, histograms and details.
Adobe Lightroom software introduction.
Introduction to components, panels, settings and preferences.
Content management, rating, selection of images and sorting with Catalogue creation.
cropping techniques, Three Pointer Golden Rule, Adjustment of Tones, Colours, Temperature (White Balance) adjustment
Brushes and filters with Luminosity and colour editing
Sharpening of image, noise reduction.
Final Export settings for perfect output
Intermediate Editing Workshop
Rs. 6500/-
Workshop Curriculum:
Image preparation in Adobe Lightroom and importing the images in Adobe Photoshop from Lightroom
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop and basics of the entire Photoshop ecosystem is taken care in this phase
Introduction to Layers, tools, adjustment layers and basic process flow in photoshop, along with “why” behind the process flow is explained in detail.
Layer masks for selective editing.
Image sharpening and noise reduction techniques
Saving a copy back to Adobe Lightroom in .tiff format.
further saving the image for web utilisation for various social media with customised values for best display.
Getting the images ready for prints with print specific sharpening
Advanced Editing Workshop
Rs. 14500/-
Workshop Curriculum:
Participants are expected to know almost all basic and intermediate aspects of Adobe Photoshop
Identify the story behind the image
Understanding the right mood of the object in the image resulting to much effective and relatable renditions of art.
Utilisation of some 3-rd party software plugins and their perfect usage in editing.
The techniques demonstrated in this workshop are very powerful.
Yield in outputs which are generally seen in magazines or art galleries.


In depth knowledge of subject.... Taught as per the level of learner which is easy to understand..

Sagar Kale

Teaches editing with full involvement, dedication and without time limit. Excellent knowledge on editing.

Viveck Panchawagh

Anupam is a gentleman and shows a lot of patience and maturity in teaching. He understands the true value of being a teacher

Rohit Srivastava

Anupam has immense knowledge not only of the photography & editing but also science & logic that goes into whatever is being demonstrated . Totally recommend! 👍🏻

Hrishikesh Pendse

One of the best trainers i have come across 😊
Explained all the steps in a very easy and systematic manner

Ashish Jain

The class was brilliant. Many things were learnt. The teaching was fabulous. Step by step each and every thing was explained. Doubts were cleared at every point. No manipulation of photos was taught. No excessive editing was taught. The teaching and communication was at par.

Manan Mukherjee

Anupam is simply fabulous. Providing the video recording is a brilliant idea.

Joy Bose

WIth an experience of 5 years in Commercial Photography, one fine day I realised that I can teach well. I have the knack of explaining concepts in a very easy and simplified language. Students enjoy when I teach them in a very practical based sessions, focusing on each process and sometimes demonstrating the post-processing on students images as well.

My concept is very simple…Start learning editing, it will get your photography concepts very clear on the field. “What to shoot, when to shoot and in what setting to shoot in, understanding the light on the subject” is very important.Learn with me and get polished like a diamond !

*I teach one-on-one only.

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